It is no secret that entrepreneurs face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to managing their wealth. For example, a standard, balanced portfolio neglects their complete wealth picture. Often entrepreneurs carry significant risk––and even greater opportunity for reward––in their business. As a result, their goals for their investment portfolios often differ from those of the average investor. FinArc understands that this dynamic is critical to shaping an entrepreneur's portfolio, and we utilize this insight when partnering with these clients.

At FinArc, we also understand that building a successful organization takes time. We are committed to developing long-term partnerships to help entrepreneurs from business launch through exit.  The largest asset for entrepreneurs is frequently their business itself.  The FinArc Financial Goal Plan can reveal the impact of selling your business at different valuations or payment structures so that you understand your abililty to realize your personal financial goals under different conditions.  If you need to build more value in your business, FinArc can further help through our network of expert advisers at Exit Planning Exchange

Many entrepreneurs have the majority of their wealth invested in their company, limiting their ability to engage a financial adviser for their investment portfolios. FinArc can help such investors by recommending employer-sponsored retirement plans for their companies and incorporating the business itself into a personal financial goal analysis. And when an entrepreneur decides selling the business would be advantageous, we can help individuals throughout the transition to ensure the event is managed thoughtfully and intelligently.

FinArc also offers entrepreneurs advantages beyond our core money management service. Through our relationships with many successful entrepreneurs and related service providers, we facilitate connections with experts that can help both business and personal aspects of life. Because our primary motivation is to cultivate our client relationship and continuously earn your trust, we do not accept nor pay referral fees for these introductions.

The depth and breadth of our collective knowledge and expertise make FinArc a strong partner to entrepreneurs.

To learn more about our work with entrepreneurs, please contact us directly.