Finarc financial goal plan

Portfolio management is the core service offered by FinArc Investments but it is arguably just a means to an end.  Most people really want to know if they can achieve their financial goals.  FinArc offers clients the FinArc Financial Goal Plan as a type of living financial blueprint allowing adjustments over time or simply to confirm that you are on the right track.  Click here for a sample of the robust analysis our clients can access. 

The sample report shows two scenarios but more can be presented. 

Page 6 shows the Current and Recommended scenarios for the sample client.  Each scenario considers three different approaches in assessing the client's ability to reach their goals.  As is normally the case, the recommended scenario has a higher probability of success. 

Page 7 shows the sample client's financial goals and recommended changes.  Frequently considered goals include: "retirement - living expense of $X", "annual travel expense of $X", college for children, wedding, charitable giving, and vacation property.  Entrepreneurs can model the impact of selling their business at different valuations.  If you require a larger selling price to achieve your goals, FinArc and our strong network of experts at Exit Planning Exchange can help you raise the value of your business for a better outcome.  The goals are limited only by your imagination. 

Page 12 shows the "Star Track" chart.  At each plan update, a new measurement is taken to "track" your progress towards achieving your goals. 

Page 25 shows a Cash Flow Chart detailing the projected inflows and outflows for each year until the end of the plan.  The projected portfolio value and its change for each year is presented at the bottom of this page. 

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