Independent Advice

Investment firms deliver advice, yet not all do so from a place of true objectivity and independence. Our independence allows us to focus keenly on our clients, without being distracted by competing business relationships, commissions, or other obligations. This singular focus has been a key element to FinArc’s success. We make investments with the sole intention of helping our clients.

We are proud to be an independent firm and our clients appreciate the benefits.

  • FinArc is not a brokerage firm. A broker serves as an intermediary between two parties, typically a seller and a buyer. Investment banks with brokerage arms serve two competing clients: companies issuing securities to raise cash seek the highest price and investors in those securities seek the lowest price. The conflict for such brokers is in serving both clients simultaneously.
  • FinArc’s fees are transparent. Our sole compensation is from our clients. Our fee is based on a percentage of the assets that we manage. This “fee-only” arrangement aligns FinArc’s interests with our clients' interests in growing or preserving the portfolio’s value. Some financial advisers are compensated based on the investment product recommended, and/or based on commissions per transaction. These models could incentivize an adviser to purchase one investment over another or increase trading activity and its related costs.  
  • FinArc’s staff consists of seasoned investment and client service professionals, rather than salespeople. Clients have direct access to their portfolio management team so they can understand the rationale behind investment decisions. In addition, our client service team knows and is known by each and every client, providing a truly personalized experience.  

Please contact us directly to learn how our independence is a benefit to you.