History of FinArc

The firm was founded as “Financial Architects” in 1990 by Catherine Friend White to serve individual investors and smaller institutions, including corporate pension plans, endowments, and foundations. The firm became FinArc, LLC in 1996 and changed to FinArc Investments, Inc. in 2013.


From its early days, FinArc offered its clients socially responsible investing (SRI), also known as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. FinArc recognized significant interest among clients seeking to align their money with their values. Tobacco and major polluters are classic examples of companies that some clients do not want to own.

Over the years, environmental, social, and governance issues have come to be recognized as important considerations for many investors. Consequences such as EPA fines and elevated expenses from employee turnover due to poor employee relations can influence a company's bottom line.

Given the firm's longstanding tradition of socially responsible investing, the firm has become known for this practice. Traditional investors can also benefit from our assessment of management’s ability to address social and more direct financial challenges simultaneously.

In addition to offering leading solutions in socially responsible investing, FinArc has been a trusted partner of entrepreneurs and women investors. Both groups appreciate and respect FinArc’s knowledge of their unique preferences and circumstances and our ability to customize services and solutions for them. Entrepreneurs have challenges and opportunities unlike a typical investor, given the nature of their wealth accumulation. And female investors too often find themselves marginalized by financial advisers. The popular interest in understanding how the investment process furthers goals related to career or family fit well with FinArc’s approach of treating each client with the respect and personalized attention they deserve.

Throughout the years, FinArc has grown steadily, while remaining committed to its high-quality standards in client service, investment performance, and personal finance expertise. In 2013, the firm’s founder and former president, Catherine Friend White sold her remaining interest in the company to a FinArc veteran, Matthew C. Slaney, who became president and sole business owner.

In 2015, FinArc Investments combined with Prospera Partners, LLC. These two independent, fee-only registered investment advisers complement each other well, particularly serving entrepreneurs, women investors and socially responsible investors.

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