Personalized Portfolio Management

Investors routinely select our firm because of our personalized portfolio management capabilities. Our approach begins with a conversation: we ask questions and listen to responses which frequently lead to more questions, and ultimately a strong mutual understanding. Like a good architect, our goal is to build a vision and a plan that reflects the needs of each client, taking into account their risk tolerance, return requirements and expectations, tax implications, and social screens, if applicable. We work with clients to develop an Investment Policy Statement, which serves as our blueprint for specifying financial goals and a framework to achieve them.

Below are examples of how FinArc Investments has added value to clients:

  • A client needed to integrate newly inherited assets into his portfolio. By sitting down with the client prior to inheriting the assets, FinArc correctly identified issues based on the client's existing portfolio and developed an action plan so we could hit the ground running. We involved the client in the entire process and provided them with a clear picture of how the new assets would affect the portfolio and the client's standard of living.
  • A new endowment fund sought to build a new facility and was unsure how to achieve this financially. FinArc recommended establishing a charitable trust to allow donors to make larger gifts by using a tax-efficient vehicle that would provide lifelong income. To help grow the funds prudently, FinArc developed an investment policy that aligned with the endowment’s goals. By executing on our investment blueprint, the endowment was soon drafting construction plans for a new building they knew they could afford.
  • A retired couple sought advice on downsizing their home and investing the profits to secure a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Through detailed conversations and careful planning, FinArc helped the couple convert the proceeds from the sale into a smaller home and reshape their portfolio to meet their income needs. FinArc also helped the client establish a budget that included purchasing and renovating a new home as well as saving for travel and other spending desires.
  • A recently married client asked FinArc to help combine the couple’s assets. Even before looking at the individual holdings, FinArc met with the couple to discuss their lifestyle, expenses, and savings habits. This conversation grounded our work and enabled us to develop a big picture plan that was built for them. We established savings goals and carefully reviewed all assets to create a forward-looking approach for growth. This open and inclusive process served as an important starting point in managing the couple’s wealth.

Please contact us directly to discuss how we can develop a personalized solution for you.