socially responsible investORS

Today's investors are more aware than ever of the causes and organizations their dollars are supporting. Investors are analyzing their portfolios in close detail, choosing not to invest in companies that harm the environment or treat employees unfairly, among other concerns. These same investors are looking for ways to support companies that make the world a better place. Being a good corporate citizen is a common business focus. Traditional and socially conscious investors now often agree that these issues reflect management’s ability to manage risk and influence the bottom line.

From our start in 1990, FinArc has specialized in socially responsible investing. Clients that invest directly in stocks and bonds can customize their portfolios to reflect the social issues that are important to them. Frequently considered examples include caring for the environment, avoiding tobacco manufacturers, and advancing women and minorities to senior management positions. For a copy of our SRI Client Questionnaire please contact us at

While it is true that this style of investing requires additional research, FinArc offers this option at no additional cost to clients.

Through socially responsible investing, our clients seek to integrate their values into their portfolios and we are proud to support them in this effort. By directing their savings toward more ethical companies, they effectively reward good social practices. Socially responsible investing sends a message to management that these issues are important to shareholders and they should be addressed. 

To learn more about socially responsible investing, please contact us directly.