Value of an RIA

When it comes to managing your wealth, not all advisors are created equal. At FinArc Investments, our clients are our first priority. As a result, we have structured our business to fulfill this mission. Not every investment management firm takes the same approach. Some other advisors are paid for each transaction they complete. Others are paid for recommending certain products or services. Potential conflicts of interest like these raise questions about the motivations for related advice.

At FinArc, we only do what is best for our clients. In fact, as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are a fiduciary and therefore legally obligated to act in our clients' best interests. While there are many distinct advantages of working with an RIA, there are some key differences that you should understand as you select a partner to manage your assets:

  • Control: With an RIA, you remain in control of your wealth. You can authorize FinArc to manage all or part of your investment portfolio. Beyond that, you have access to a robust financial goal analysis and other financial advice, as well as introductions to other independent experts in a variety of related fields such as estate planning, taxes, and business succession. This flexibility allows you to customize the combination of resources that is right for you.
  • Compensation: Most independent RIAs, including FinArc, charge fees based on a percentage of your assets under management, meaning that together we are aligned in our desire to grow or preserve your portfolio. FinArc is a “fee-only” advisor. In this transparent arrangement, we do not receive commissions or referral fees. FinArc is solely compensated by clients and in a clearly disclosed manner.
  • Custodian: As an independent RIA, we manage our clients’ assets, but they are safely and securely held by a third-party custodian in your name. Your monthly statements come directly from the custodian and though your primary relationship is with FinArc, you have constant and direct access to your account through the custodian. FinArc routinely recommends that you select Charles Schwab as your custodian.

To learn more about the advantages of working with an RIA, we recommend reading this educational pamphlet, Wall Street Journal featured article and Worth Magazine featured article offered through the “RIA Stands For You” campaign, or please contact us directly.