women investors

Men have traditionally dominated the wealth-management industry. At most financial firms, women represent a minority of the employees, and when it comes to household finances, conversations around wealth are often controlled by men.

Since the inception of FinArc Investments, we have fought to change the status quo. As a firm founded by a female entrepreneur with personal interests in advancing women in the workplace, we are committed to helping women investors in the ways they prefer to be served.

We are strong proponents of women taking a proactive role in understanding their finances and developing a strong plan for the future. 

FinArc is a trusted partner for women investors seeking to take more control of their investment portfolios. We understand the very specific challenges and opportunities women investors face in today's environment, including their often-competing personal and professional priorities. We work closely with these clients to understand their decision-making processes.

We help women investors feel empowered to make educated financial decisions. We understand that for many investors, their portfolios are a means to an end, such as a comfortable retirement lifestyle, funding college, or supporting elderly parents. We work with clients to identify those ends and determine how to best meet specific financial goals through sound investment decisions.

With this in mind, we stand by our pledge to every female investor: We will listen to you, we will learn who you are, we will understand your goals, and we will work with you to develop an investment path tailored to meet your needs.

To learn more about our work in supporting women, please contact us directly.