FinArc Investments designs and constructs custom 
investment solutions for high net worth individuals, families,
corporate retirement plans, and nonprofit institutions. 

We are inspired by architectural principles and apply these philosophies to the investment arena. Like the best architects, FinArc’s professionals are visionaries. We listen to our clients' needs, understand their dreams, create a vision, and develop a blueprint. 

Ultimately, we help our clients build a financial future that can withstand the test of time.


The depth and breadth of our collective knowledge and expertise make FinArc a strong partner to entrepreneurs. We understand that building a successful organization takes time, and we are experienced in designing portfolios that complement the entrepreneurial journey from business launch through exit. Learn More


Women Investors

Founded by a female entrepreneur with a strong interest in advancing women in the workplace, FinArc has always been an appealing partner for female investors. Our advisors understand women's investment goals and needs, and we are committed to helping women investors in the ways they prefer to be served. Learn More


Socially Responsible InvestoRS

Today's investors are more aware than ever of the causes and organizations their dollars are supporting. Since FinArc's inception, we have worked with clients to carefully align their personal values and investment strategies without sacrificing potential market returns. Learn More

Personalized Portfolio Management

Like a good architect, our goal is to build a vision and a plan that reflects the needs of each client, taking into account their risk tolerance, return requirements and expectations, tax implications, and social screens, if applicable. Below is an example of our personalized approach: 


A recently married client asked FinArc to help combine the couple’s assets. Even before looking at the individual holdings, FinArc met with the couple to discuss their lifestyle, expenses, and savings habits. This conversation grounded our work and enabled us to develop a big picture plan that was built for them. We established savings goals and carefully reviewed all assets to create a forward-looking approach for growth. This open and inclusive process served as an important starting point in managing the couple’s wealth.

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Design creates culture, culture shapes values, values help determine the future.
— Robert L. Peters, noted designer