custody solutions

Clients of FinArc Investments benefit from the personal touch of a boutique investment firm, but also from the highly successful practices honed by experience working within larger firms. As an independent investment advisor, FinArc is the investment and relationship manager for our clients. A third-party custodian holds our clients’ assets safely and securely. This structure provides a check and balance, ensuring that our clients can invest with comfort and confidence.

FinArc routinely recommends Charles Schwab as the custodian for client assets. Schwab is a leader in supporting clients of independent investment advisors, offering a wide variety of investment products, competitive pricing, and excellent technology. Client assets are held in their own name at Schwab, which offers online access and sends trade confirmation and monthly statements directly to the client. FinArc’s quarterly reports can be also reconciled against reports from the custodian, should clients choose to do so.

FinArc's clients can login into Schwab directly through our account access page.  

Please contact us to learn more about FinArc’s custody solutions.