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FinArc Investments offers clients a unique service offering forged by institutional investment experience, within a boutique firm that knows each client by name. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining long-lasting and genuine relationships, and our personalized service is one of the hallmarks of our business. Our goal is to partner with clients to deliver strong investment returns built on a foundation of trust, respect, and communication.

If you have total freedom, then you are in trouble. It’s much better when you have some obligation, some discipline, some rules. When you have no rules, then you start to build your own rules.
— Renzo Piano, noted Italian architect

FinArc’s customized approach to wealth management is best-suited for clients with investable assets exceeding $2,000,000. This enables our team to manage tax liabilities and leverage direct investment in stocks and bonds. Our tiered fee structure offers discounts on assets exceeding $2,000,000. For clients with less than $500,000 in investable assets, FinArc manages a portfolio exclusively using mutual funds to provide appropriate diversification in a cost-efficient manner.

Many of our clients already have relationships with other advisors, including tax and legal experts, trustees, and retirement plan consultants. Our customizable approach encourages clients to retain those relationships, and we are happy to work with those advisors to provide truly holistic wealth management. 

We offer clients online access to account information through their third-party custodian. Additionally, clients have check-writing privileges, free online bill payment, automatic electronic money transfers between brokerage accounts and other financial institutions, and debit cards with unlimited ATM fee reimbursement at nearly any bank.

Personalized Portfolio Management

Independent Advice

The FinArc Financial Goal Plan

Philanthropic Support

Personalized Portfolio Management

Investors routinely select our firm because of our personalized portfolio management capabilities. Our approach begins with a conversation: We ask our clients the important questions and listen to their responses, and we form a strong mutual understanding. Like a good architect, our goal is to build a vision and a plan that reflects the needs of each client, factoring in their risk tolerance, return requirements and expectations, tax implications, and social screens, if applicable. We work with clients to develop an Investment Policy Statement, which serves as our blueprint for specifying financial goals and a framework to achieve them.

FinArc Financial Goal Plan

Portfolio management is a core service offered by FinArc Investments, but it is really a means to an end. FinArc offers clients the FinArc Financial Goal Plan as a living financial blueprint, which can be reviewed and adjusted periodically to confirm that you are on track to achieve your goals. Click here for a sample of the robust analysis our clients can access.

(The sample report shows two scenarios, but more can be presented.)

Page 6 shows the Current and Recommended scenarios for the sample client. Each scenario considers three different approaches in assessing the client’s ability to reach their goals. As is normally the case, the recommended scenario has a higher probability of success. 

Page 7 shows the sample client’s financial goals and recommended changes. Frequently considered goals include: "retirement – living expense of $X," "annual travel expense of $X," college for children, wedding, charitable giving, and vacation property. Entrepreneurs can model the impact of selling their business at different valuations – if you require a larger selling price to achieve your goals, FinArc and our network of experts at Exit Planning Exchange can help you raise the value of your business for a better outcome. 

Page 12 shows the "Star Track" chart. At each plan update, a new measurement is taken to graphically "track" your progress towards achieving your goals. 

Page 25 shows a cash flow chart detailing the projected inflows and outflows for each year until the end of the plan. The projected portfolio value and its change for each year is presented at the bottom of the page.

Independent Advice

We believe objectivity and independence are crucial in delivering the right advice to our clients. Our independence allows us to focus without being distracted by competing business relationships, commissions, or other obligations. We make investments and offer advice with the sole motivation of helping our clients.

We are proud to be an independent, wealth management firm and our clients appreciate the benefits. Here’s how our independence informs everything we do:

  • FinArc is not a brokerage firm. A broker serves as an intermediary between two parties (typically a seller and a buyer). Investment banks with brokerage arms serve two competing clients: companies issuing securities to raise cash seek the highest price, while investors in those securities seek the lowest purchase price. There is inherent conflict for such brokers in serving both clients simultaneously.

  • Some financial advisors are compensated based on the investment product recommended or commissions per transaction. These models incentivize an advisor to purchase one investment over another or increase trading activity and its related costs. FinArc’s fees are transparent, and our sole compensation is from our clients. Our fee is based on a percentage of the assets that we manage and is never contingent on activity or advising on particular products. This “fee-only” arrangement aligns FinArc’s interests with our clients’ desire to grow or preserve the portfolio’s value.  

  • FinArc’s staff consists of seasoned investment and client service professionals, rather than salespeople. Clients have direct access to their portfolio management team so they can understand the rationale behind investment decisions. In addition, our client service team gets to know each and every client, providing a truly personalized experience. 

Philanthropic Support

Many of FinArc’s clients are charitably inclined. With FinArc’s guidance, clients can become more strategic and thoughtful about their giving. While there are some benefits to making charitable gifts of cash (e.g. ease for both donor and recipient), there are more tax-efficient approaches that can also have a greater impact. FinArc assists clients in finding ways to maximize the benefit of their giving – both to themselves and to the causes that are important to them.

One method is the donation of highly appreciated stock or mutual fund shares directly to the client’s chosen charitable organizations. We help our clients plan and make the donation, which allows them to avoid paying capital gains tax generated from selling the security, may provide them with a larger charitable tax deduction, and creates more financial resources for the recipient. A qualified nonprofit can then sell the securities upon receipt, also without incurring any capital gains tax.

Another popular vehicle for charitable giving is a donor-advised fund, which gives the donor the benefit of discretion over where their donation goes, as well as the maximum tax deduction. Benefits of donor-advised funds also include:

  • They are straightforward.

  • They allow donors to better manage the timing of their charitable tax deduction.

  • They are flexible and allow donors to recommend grants over many years.

  • They can be funded with a variety of assets, including illiquid assets such as a privately held business and art.

  • They offer lower administrative costs and more privacy than private foundations.

  • Contributions to a donor-advised fund can be invested and grow to provide more financial support than the donor’s initial outlay.

  • FinArc may recommend these or other philanthropic strategies depending on your particular circumstance.

To learn more about FinArc’s services and solutions, please contact us directly.