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We continuously strive to add value to our client relationships, and we take our role as educators seriously. Our clients receive informative and insightful materials tailored to their specific interests and needs. We do our best to keep clients informed, but not inundated with extraneous information.

Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul.
— Ernest Dimnet, noted author

We have created this online Resource Center to provide our clients and others with access to important articles, research, commentary, and other materials. Our goal is to highlight key pieces that we believe clients will find particularly informative.

The general educational material we offer here is a supplement to the highly personalized discussions we have with each of our clients.

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Building Capital - A FinArc Investments Newsletter

FinArc offers its clients access to educational and informational content. In addition to other materials, FinArc’s clients receive a quarterly newsletter, Building Capital, which addresses a variety of wealth management, tax, and investment topics. 

  • 2019 Second Quarter

    • Famous People Who Failed to Plan Properly

    • Nine Things a Business Owner Should Know After Tax Reform

    • Rules on Opening a 529 Plan Account for College

    • How Much Does Child Care Really Cost?

    • Do I Need to Get a REAL ID when I Renew my License?

  • 2019 First Quarter

    • Gray Divorce: Dividing Assets Can Impact Retirement

    • Reviewing Your Estate Plan

    • Tax Scams to Watch Out for

  • 2018 Fourth Quarter

    • Time to Hire? Consider the Pros and Costs

    • Take Charge of your Student Debt Repayment Plan

    • On the Road to Retirement, Beware of These Five Risks

  • 2018 Third Quarter

    • Have You Made Any of These Financial Mistakes?

    • Tax Benefits of Homeownership After Tax Reform

    • Building Confidence in Your Strategy for Retirement

  • 2018 Second Quarter

    • What's Your Money Script?

    • The Standard Deduction and Itemized Deductions After Tax Reform

    • The College Landscape After Tax Reform

  • 2018 First Quarter

    • Should You Buy Your Own Office Space?

    • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2018

    • Don't Wait to Ask Aging Parents These Important Questions